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Bite Size Review: Spago by Wolfgang Puck


Mr. Puck has two restaurants now in Marina Bay. His first one “Cut” is a steak-centered nosebag joint. So one of us being a vegetarian can’t really go there (they check at the door). So we opted for his new California inspired Spago restaurant which had one more option for vegetarians (one option).

Spago is on the 57th floor of Marina Bay Sands. You get there by losing the will to live via multiple elevators. Tower 2 is the one you want to go up to. Up until the 55th floor and then switch to another elevator up to the 57th floor dodging sweaty patrons going to and from the gym on that floor.


On the 57th floor is where the cool infinity pool is so you get to see a lot of people wandering around in their swimwear. Bodies that should not see the light of day trundle by while you sip $26 cocktails in Spago’s adjoining bar. It didn’t put me off my food, though. I was fasting all day so I could enjoy every dollar in every mouthful.

We were walked from the bar through some large rustic blue doors to our inside table. We weren’t splurging too much and just opted for some mains.

Weiser Farm’s Roasted Baby Beet Salad

Weiser Farm’s Roasted Baby Beet Salad: Toasted Hazelnuts, Watercress, Citrus, Goat Cheese, Aged Balsamic

The vegetarian went for the salad which was a space like oddity and I opted for the chicken dish which was really delicious. A beautiful blend of puree, jus, and truffles with each bite of succulent chicken. It was worth the $55. Yeah that’s right.

Pan Roasted Organic Chicken: Manjimup Black Truffles, Artichoke-Black Truffle Puree, Natural Cooking Juices

Pan Roasted Organic Chicken: Manjimup Black Truffles, Artichoke-Black Truffle Puree, Natural Cooking Juices


Fingerling Potatoes ‘Patatas Bravas’

We also shared a small bucket of potatoes!

To finish up we had a plate of camembert and brie cheese with some chutneys on there. Lovely end to a lovely meal. We also had a glass of wine each to wash our meal down which were excellent too.


Recommended? Yes. Just dip into your life savings first and enjoy every mouth-watering mouthful.

Bonus pre-meal $26 cocktail


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  1. I remember when Ku De Ta was there and it was funny to see everyone at the pool many of them in their dressing gowns and a couple were even wearing shower caps! Not sure if Ku De Ta is still there and just under a different name now.

    • admin

      Yes, it’s just under a different name now…Ce La Vi! They kept the number of syllables!

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