Visiting The Pinnacle@Duxton


This is a place I’ve known about for a while but never got around to doing it. Basically The Pinnacle@Duxton is a massive modern HDB (public housing estate) with a huge 50th floor sky bridge that the public can access. So me being a member of the public went along to see if I could achieve┬ávertigo status.

Gaining access to the Sky Bridge on the 50th floor you first have to go to the office on the first floor of Block 1G where you can zap your MRT Card. Or you can if it’s working. It wasn’t. The nice gentlemen in the office took my $5 and gave me a paper slip.

When you reach the 50th floor after your ears have popped you are faced with a turnstile where you zap your MRT card. If you had one. Luckily I think my friend in the office was looking out for me and as if by magic the turnstile light went green and I side-stepped through. I wondered how I was going to get out…

As always, click pictures for larger.

Anyway, the 50th floor gives you stunning views and, yes, I would suggest it’s even more of an eyeful than the top of the Marina Bay Sands. There’s so much more to see from up there; the huge port of Singapore, the business district and a huge swathe of the inner areas of Singapore. It’s a great place to get a size-able chunk of Singapore scenery into your brain.

Countless containers between skyscrapers

Countless containers between skyscrapers

Must be fantastic to wake up to the scenery outside and below your window

Must be fantastic to wake up to the scenery outside and below your window

I tried to leave and couldn’t. There was no way of getting through the security turnstile without zapping a card (resident or MRT) and there were no security cameras to wave my arms at like a crazed ostrich. I called the office number which is handily posted up beside the turnstile in case of emergency and luckily my friend wasn’t asleep or totally engrossed in his Chinese soap opera I saw he was into earlier. I wondered how the tourists I saw up there were going to get down if they didn’t have a phone to call that number. Hmmm a little bit more information on that setup would have been nice.

I call this "Where your stuff you ordered online is"

I call this “Where your stuff is that you ordered online”

All in all, a great place to visit and get a sweeping panoramic of Singapore. And if you look up when you’re on the ground you can also get some cool angles too.


I snapped two vertebrae in my neck taking this. Worth it.

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