Bite Size Review: Da Paolo BistroBar


Happened to book a table before the recent Bon Iver concert in to Da Paolo BistroBar in Rochester Park as it’s a short walk to Star Theatre in The Star Vista.


Click for larger. Prices.

Certainly not the cheapest plates on offer. $34 for a burger?! It must be awesome. Time to put my money where my mouth is. Literally.

As I finished up eating my dinner, I was underwhelmed by it all I have to say. I had a better $10 burger at the recent Craft Beer Festival furnished by Brewerkz. And that was lying on a hot plate for me for god knows how long. It wasn’t the amount of beer I had beforehand I swear.
Da Paolo’s burger was just..bland. There was too much flat notes in the taste; ham, caramelised onions, and brie just melded into one monotonous taste. It definitely needs a sharp or acidic bite to it. Ditch the caramelised onions and put some red onions in there or something. I don’t know, I’m not a chef yo.
The fries were also of the frozen-out-of-the-bag variety (I’m an expert on knowing this, trust me). For $34 I was expecting a flailing potato to be dragged out and peeled alive before my eyes.

I guess I wouldn’t be kicking them around so bad if it wasn’t for the price and it is Wagyu so there’s your costs up there to import all that in. I would argue, though, don’t hide the quality Wagyu beef by surrounding it in the equivalent of a beige woolly sweater.

6/10 Sad Cows.

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