Bite Size Review: Pigs Fly


Update March 2017!! Pigs Fly have moved to Novena Gardens where Nickeldime used to be. Smaller venue. Will review it soon!! Nickeldime has moved to the strip mall next door.

“I want a food court where I can eat from a Japanese menu, Indian menu, Thai menu, a burger menu, a pizza menu, and a plain old bar snack menu. And I want to be able to pay for it up front so I can just waddle out of there after I stuff my face.”

“Yeah, right. When pigs fly…”

And so, I must imagine, went the conversations that led to the birth of Pigs Fly food (it’s not exactly a court) in the Novena area of Singapore. Because that is exactly what you can experience if you happen to pop in to them.


Japanese Chicken Curry with some broth. My fav.

It’s been my favourite go-to place for over a year now. I like getting rid of the hassle of flagging down a waiter, getting the bill, and then waiting for change or the credit card receipt. I like just getting up and leaving after shoving one last load of food in to my mouth.

Of course, the wide range of different cuisines is also a huge unique selling point. I wouldn’t know because I always get the Japanese chicken curry. It is fantastic; sweet with a little heat and the chicken is always succulent. But from seeing the other plates that are on offer it seems that good food is universal on the different menus.

Drinks wise you can get happy hour pints of Heineken or Tiger for $10 which is a great price for the area.

If I can think of any downsides it would be that if it gets really busy then the line up to order drinks and food at the bar can get long. We usually go early evening around 5 or 6pm and it’s usually reasonably quiet.

4.75 chicken cutlets out of 5.

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