Bite Size Review: Din Tai Fung


Din Tai Fung in Paragon on Orchard Road

If you ever visit us in Singapore we will take you to Din Tai Fung. Oh yes, we will.

It is now a must have once a month dining experience for us having being first introduced to us in Hong Kong. We have visited the original in Taipei with 60 Grade 5 students, and now here in Singapore we have over 19 branches to choose from. But we always just go to one in Paragon on Orchard Road. We would go to the one in Wisma Atria but they, for some reason, don’t make the vegetarian steamed dumplings. Odd.

I never change what I get at Din Tai Fung. Six steamed pork dumplings if you please. A side dish of egg and rice. And a plate of greens (either spinach or Dou Miao). There is also a request for six vegetarian steamed dumplings (hence our extended trek to Paragon).


Pork dumplings!

The pork dumplings are uniquely delicious. Piping hot you have to sate your appetite before delicately carrying one from its wooden steam..thing. Dip it into some soy/vinegar and eat. It pops open in your mouth with a pork broth spilling out with each initial bite. Perfection.

The egg and rice is amazing and a perfect foil to the strong pork tasting dumplings. Whatever vegetable side dish you get it is always a nice accompaniment.


Vegetable dumplings

So if you find yourself in any of the following countries; Australia, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, the United States, Taiwan, Thailand or Dubai. Check and see if there is a Din Tai Fung near you and treat yo’self.

10 out of 10 steaming pork dumplings.

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