Weezer – Live in Singapore


Want to feel old?

Here are a few of Weezer’s greatest hits…

“Undone – The Sweater Song” and “Buddy Holly” – released in 1994
“Say It Aint So” – released in 1995
“Hashpipe” and “Island in the Sun” – released in 2001
“Keep Fishin'” – released in 2002

It’s with those aural memories ringing in my old ears that I bought a ticket for Weezer. Playing in the weird venue that is the Suntec Exhibition and Conference Centre, I slalom-ed my way from City Hall MRT through the numerous Poke-Stops to make my way for an 8pm kick-off.

Having made my way up to the 6th floor by the longest escalators in the universe, I was met by some rigorous body scans from aunties who may not have known what they were doing. Or holding.

Did I mention how weird this venue is? You walk through the doors to be faced by a skyscraper of scaffold-ed seats right in front of you. No signs going anywhere else, and the “anywhere else” was dark anyway. So up I walked several flights of scaffolding thinking I would walk my way down into the standing area. But no… seating only, the entrances to the standing area were in the “anywhere else” area in the dark.


Finally in the standing area, 8:10 came around and Weezer hit the stage. The standing numbers were a little light if I’m being honest, looking back in the seats there was a healthy enough crowd but still a number of empty areas.

So the concert.


Again, not being a super fan, they were good. They deliver their songs a little clinically, with not too much gusto (especially from Messrs Shriner and Bell). Yes, Rivers Cuomo, the oft curious front-man, took a wander through the crowd, donned a crown and cape for “King of the World”, and they all broke out the leis for “Island in the Sun” but they’re all a little sedate while actually playing through their set.
Having said that, I’ve seen some sedate musicians/bands in my time (*cough* Nate Mendel) who play rolicking tunes and it takes nothing away from their musicianship on the night. I guess when you’re in your late 40s and still rocking you should perform however the hell you want to.

I formed a theory while standing there with my fellow head nodders. I don’t think Weezer is in the top 5 bands of many people in the world. They, perhaps, are a band that people follow for a core group of their songs and don’t buy the rest of the happy meal. Perhaps. I’m sure they have their super fans. Everyone does. Just my opinion yo.
But I saw many people get very excited (ie. scream in my ear and jump up and down with excitement) for some songs I was there to hear, then I saw said people put their heads down in their phones for let’s say “Back to the Shack” (which, actually, is one of my favs).

There you go. Enjoyable. $158 enjoyable? Nah. But they certainly have a number of great songs to bop along to until they go down your Spotify playlist once again.

Here, have “Buddy Holly” I recorded  while waiting to beat the crowd to the escalators before Youtube removes it or something.

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