Month: November 2016

England v Germany Old Bloke Football Match

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And so it was, on the 12th night of November in the year of our lord, two armies summoned forth the power of Tiger Balm and vigorous muscle rubbing to face each other on the battle field that is Singapore National¬†Stadium. Mightier men have shown their unbridled enthusiasm¬†and prowess on Singapore National¬†Stadium’s hallowed turf than…

Staycation: Marina Bay Sands

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After spending two nights in relative solitude at Sofitel Sentosa Resort and Spa we targeted Marina Bay Sands for the next hit on our life savings and senses. Marina Bay Sands is always busy. 24/7. The day before while basking by the pool at the Sofitel I got an SMS from MBS asking for time…

Staycation: Sofitel Resort and Spa

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Sometimes even taking a one hour flight from Singapore can be too much energy to recharge the batteries. So you spend as much money as you would with flights and hotel and you spend a few nights in a hotel right here in Singapore. The hotel options on Sentosa are not cheap. We decided to…