Staycation: Marina Bay Sands


After spending two nights in relative solitude at Sofitel Sentosa Resort and Spa we targeted Marina Bay Sands for the next hit on our life savings and senses. Marina Bay Sands is always busy. 24/7.

The day before while basking by the pool at the Sofitel I got an SMS from MBS asking for time of arrival etc. etc. “to expedite check in”. No worries. Off I sent the SMS with a cheeky upgrade request.

Arriving by taxi to MBS at Tower 1 you are faced with a permanent Pokemon Go gathering. Seems that there is some good stuff in the lobby to be caught. While I waited in the queue to check in a staff member came up to me and asked for my details. Ok. So I said them again. And off he walks. No reason given. No advantages apparent. Worse was to come. Room wasn’t ready. SO WHAT WERE THE SMS AND ALSO THE DUDE IN THE SUIT ASKING FOR MY INFO FOR?!
Ok, I know check-in around the world is 3pm but it was around 12:30 we were there and the MBS has plenty of rooms to spare.

To cut a boring long story short, we went back at 3pm and got an upgrade to a suite with access to the Club55 lounge for drinks and nibbles from 7-9pm. Which was nice.


Spacious suite

The suite was big and fine. We were greeted by window washers trying their best to wash the windows without peering in at the pseudo-rich peeps in the la-de-dah suite. The room smelled of stale smoke like a lounge bar in the 80s. I double checked the “No Smoking” sign on the wall again just in case I had imagined it. There was some sort of stain on the sliding door. I didn’t smell it to find out.


Comfy bed


Sit. Watch TV. If you want.


The stain.


Spacious balcony to go with the spacious suite.

The infinity pool is a must visit. You zap your card to gain access. The left side was the quietest, if you ever go and if you’ve read this far. The feeling of falling off the edge of the world slowly dissipates as you get near the edge and realise there are many platforms underneath you as you peer over.


View from the infinity pool


Night life in the infinity pool.


Looking down on Singapore

Anyway, we won’t go back unless they read this and want to make it up to me as they messed us around with check-in and even though we got the upgrade (I believe they do this with every first visitor) the suite had seen many cigarettes-a-smokin’ and I still can’t forget about that stain….

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