7 Ways to Survive Airports

I love travel. I hate traveling. Well, maybe dislike is the word. No, actually, it’s hate.

Airports and flying are the irritants at the start and the end of the most amazing adventures you can experience. I’ve talked about the airplane part of that here in a previous post.

So I’ve started trying to make my time in airports at least a little less painful. Here’s how.

1. Get a Priority Pass Card

If you’re not Richy McRich and fly First Class everywhere this might be an option for you. When my bank said to me last year I needed to get a new credit card I looked at their options and saw one that accrued air miles and also gave you a one year membership to something called Priority Pass, I read on. Priority Pass allows you to access certain airport lounges for a fee that would not be usually open to your everyday scumbag economy class traveler like me. I didn’t know about this. This could be a game changer. The membership my bank was offering was one where you get your first two visits to a lounge for free and then you pay $27 for each visit (charged automatically to my credit card) after and you can bring up to one guest. Sold. Whatever.
I have now used it every time I am flying and the relaxation, comfort, somewhat edible buffet food, and free booze makes the start of travel that little bit more manageable. If I can put away a couple of plates of food, a couple of beers, and stretch out and relax I think $27 is a steal.
There are different levels to membership I will look at when my first year is up. The more you pay the more free visits you get. You just have to estimate the amount of times you may be flying in a year and choose the right one for you.
One bummer I found recently with my trip to Australia was the lack of participating lounges in Australian airports (ie. only Cairns had a lounge when I was visiting although now Brisbane and Darwin have participating lounges). From a little investigating this is down to Virgin Australia removing itself from the Priority Pass network in 2011. Also in 2015, United Airlines pulled their lounges from the Priority Pass network greatly reducing Priority Pass’s presence worldwide.

2. Gate Awareness

Scope out your gate then scope out other gates within reasonable walking distance that are emptier and don’t have any flights leaving before yours. These are usually emptier and more relaxing meaning you can stretch out and prepare yourself mentally for the flight ahead. This is my main tactic. Sometimes it’s just not feasible but I try this every time.

3. Fuel for the Flight

Eat a snack or two (chips/sandwich and water); don’t gorge on fast food or heavy meals before flying. If it’s an hour long flight do whatever the hell you want but anything longer you don’t want to be bloated or want any unwanted reaction. Eat them in a quiet area (see above) and chill. Don’t forget you also have that healthy and hearty airplane food to look forward to!

4. Keep Informed

Check apps like FlightAware or FlightRadar24 to keep tabs on any delays or gate changes. I also download the actual airport app too just in case. If there is one.

5. Read light

Get some magazines that you would never in a million years read on any other normal day. For me, that’s movie magazines. For others, that might be Fly Fishing Monthly.

6. Chillaxe Yo!

Day dream. Meditate. Whatever you call it. Zone the hell out. Forget about what is happening around you. Airports are full of people who are stressing the hell out. Put in the earbuds and listen to some music that will help with this. Find a quiet place both physically and mentally.

7. Avoid The Rush

Finally, no need to join the mad scramble for the plane. You have a seat number right (well, maybe…)? Wait for the zone number or whatever. Although, this ties in with my method of just putting my backpack under the seat front; I don’t need to fight for overhead space. The longer you wait in the lounge the less time you sit in the opposite of a throne that they call airplane seats.

These barely make airports..bearable for me but every little bit helps. See you at Gate 34. My flight will be leaving from Gate 20.

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