Month: June 2017

UFC in Singapore June 2017

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UFC Fight Night 111 happened in Singapore’s Indoor Stadium last night. I waddled through the doors at 7pm to catch the last 2 of the pre-lim fights then the four major fights on the cards. I fell into UFC a couple of years ago and went on a rampage trying to find every episode of…

Singapore v Argentina Football Friendly: You Know The Result..

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You better put your booties on, cuz it’s COLD (humid) OUTSIDE!! Groundhog Day-esque is how I would describe the Singapore v Argentina soccer friendly last night. Minute after minute, it seemed the quite ordinary looking Argentina side adopted the same attacking tactics against a predictably nondescript Singapore team. More of that in a bit. Lionel…

Bite Size Review: Regent Singapore Saturday Prosecco Brunch

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The all-you-can-eat buffet brunch is something every ex-pat or tourist in Singapore does at some point. It’s both a stamina test on your waist band and credit card limit but if you plan your gastronomical attack to be glutinous yet at a pace where you don’t get Caligula-ed too quickly you can get your money’s worth.…