Month: July 2017

Chelsea v Inter Milan in Singapore

By admin

Chelsea left Singapore with durian on their face (see what I did there?) after playing two and losing two matches at the National Stadium over the past week. On Saturday night, they ended up on the wrong side of a 2:1 scoreline and looked decidedly underwhelming in the process. Against a pretty smooth and well…

Chelsea v Bayern Munich in Singapore

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European soccer friendly tournaments hosted in Asia are like a box of chocolates. You never know what you gonna git. Thankfully for this, the first fixture of the International Champion’s Cup played at National Stadium, both teams showed up in force and with strong line-ups. Even more thankfully, the Singaporean crowd also showed up in…

Playing Golf in Singapore Without a Handicap Card

By admin

Golf. The sport where you have to remember a million things before you even move your body to start your swing. Then you must do that for every hit thereafter. Or you will suck. A lot. Singapore has a lot of courses but the majority need a handicap card. Championship Golf, though, is one course…