Month: November 2017

Madame President, I Presume?

By admin

Hear ye, hear ye! Singapore has its first female president! Ireland had its first female president back in 1990 but, you know, some countries have to start somewhere. But all is not sweetness and roses in Singapore with Mdm Halimah Yacob’s appointment. You see, some Singaporeans feel slighted that Mdm Yacob has walked into the…

On Flying

By admin

It starts with the journey to the airport. You know you’re about to experience humanity at its worst and you won’t be able to escape it. You ride along in grim determination and simmering resignation to what’s about to unfold. The terminal. Lost fingers point in different directions. Children with wide eyes follow along because…

Community Cats of Singapore

By admin

Wherever you find humans in Singapore you will find cats. Probably quite a few at times. Our old condo had three or four stray cats who hung around and got fed by a couple of neighbours (and us). Yes, we had a “crazy” cat lady too. It’s a stance that’s been fought since the dawn…