It never rains but it ‘pores..

You know you’re in Singapore….

when it gets ominously dark (must-have-lights-on dark) hours away from sunset and clouds roll in black and dark like the end of times.

when rain hits sodden grounds and weary roofs at a decibel level where you can’t hear what a person is screaming into your ear.

when drains and culverts do their best impression of Niagara Falls eager to escape onto innocent not yet wet bystanders.

when five seconds caught without an umbrella results in a sogginess level (what’s the Richter scale for wetness?) equivalent to that of a freshly tea-dunked biscuit.

when the availability of taxis due to rainfall diminishes to the magnitude of the Mary Celeste.

when looking at the rain radar map of Singapore looks like an unwelcome MRI scan result.

when the sun is sitting pretty in a wallpaper of blue but you still end up taking an umbrella (just in case).

when dashing from tree cover to tree cover becomes a national sporting event.

when trains are delayed for more than 20 hours due to to train tunnels being flooded.

when lightning illuminates the night like day.

when thunder rattles skulls.

It never rains but it ‘pores? Damn straight.

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