Month: May 2019

Magritte Exhibition at Amos Rex, Helsinki

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I got into Magritte in my teenage years; his weird manipulation of everyday objects in juxtaposition with their surroundings rebelliously scratched an itch that Impressionism was bestowing upon me. I still love Impressionism but Magritte’s Surrealist styles are always a nice weird distraction. I also feel that Magritte is a more accessible entry into Surrealism…

Bill Burr Live in Helsinki – May 2019

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Back in 2014 I skipped out on seeing Bill Burr for some crappy work-related gathering. Gods I was an idiot. Over the years since then, Bill Burr has become my favourite comedian eerily in sync with my inner most rage against the machine. With him announcing a date in Helsinki in my first year here…

Things To Do On Vappu in Helsinki

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Vappu is a public holiday celebration here in Finland. It celebrates workers and freedom. And vaping.  Just kidding, it’s mainly gives Finnish students a massive excuse to have a massive piss up. The word “vappu” somehow evolved from St. Walpurgis – the patron saint against purging. Just kidding, it’s rabies. Anyway, here’s some things to…