Month: January 2021

Nibble Size Review – Karaage Fried Chicken (唐揚げ) Pringles

By admin

If you wanted to pile on the calories and didn’t want to go ahead and eat real Japanese fried chicken you can (for a limited time naturally) buy some Karaage (fried chicken) Pringles. In Japan. Naturally. No fried chicken Pringles for the rest of the world, oh no. Once you pop, you are hit instantly…

Quick Sip Review – Calpis Soda Shifuku no Jikan

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Japan companies like to launch special once off products (mostly food and drink) so that we can rush to the local Life or Familymart salivating and throwing old people out of the way until we reach the aisle of our longing. And so Calpis have released this week Calpis Soda Shifuku no Jikan (which is…