Nibble Size Review: KitKat Ume Plum (梅味)

KitKat are pretty busy in Japan all year around. No other country releases such a wide variety of flavours than KitKat Japan. I, for one, applaud their efforts. Along with all the dentists and fitness coaches.

To mark the season of Plum tree blossoms, they have release the limited Ume Plum flavoured KitKats just before the Sakura (Cherry Blossom) season shoves it out of the way.

I really like the taste of this one, probably my favourite seasonal KitKat I’ve tasted so far. It starts out quite sweet but then you quickly get a tart and tangy kick which makes the overall taste more enjoyable. As with the majority of these types of KitKat it is based around a white chocolate shell so if you can’t dig that you’re out of luck. I like the fact that they are as milk chocolate would overpower most of these flavour profiles.

These KitKats are currently on sale in Don Quixote and Rakuten online.

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