Eating Japanese Sakura (Pink) Curry

I see pink on a plate and I’m eating dessert. And so that’s what your brain thinks when any food is presenting itself in such a lurid and 80s cheap music video fashion. Even more so when it has the consistency and look of trifle topping. Taking a spoonful must mean a fruity berrylicious taste experience? Not so with this Sakura Curry from Rakuten online. Sakura is the national flower of Japan – the cherry blossom. When the trees start blooming around Feb/March it’s a national event of selfies in front of trees and companies releasing sakura branded or flavoured food and drink.

Simply pop the non pink bag into boiling water and let it find its inner child over 4 or 5 minutes.

Open said bag and plop it back into the pan minus the water so you can dump whatever you want with it. It was now my brain was asking “where’s the fruity smell?!”

There are a few potato and carrot chunks thrown in for good baby vomit measure.

To ensure full scraping the bottom of the food barrel I added some vegan chicken nuggets.

I think we’re good to go here. As good as we ever will be.

Some boiled rice to give the illusion of a balanced and ordinary meal.

I’m a huge fan of Japanese curry so as I ate my first forkful I was pleasantly surprised to get the same taste profile of your ordinary curries you can get here. There is a very slight sweetness that the taste testers at the curry manufacturer probably just about “okayed” as any more would make the curry a weird dessert. The flavour profile mirrors, thankfully, the delicate and subtle smell of the actual cherry blossoms you take selfies with.

Would I buy it again? Nah, it cost more than your normal curries which pack more of a taste punch to the mouth than this. Overall, not bad once you get over the colour.

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