Month: March 2021

Konkai-Komyoji Temple and the Big-Haired Buddha

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I have starred certain temples on Google Maps in Kyoto and one that I hadn’t un-starred yet was Konkai-Komyoji Temple, and the Big-Haired Buddha. The buddha’s hirsute stylings is not part of the official temple name, just so you know. It’s mine. It was under an undecided sky on the day that I entered through…

A Visit to Monster Street in Kyoto, Japan

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How does a visit to Monster Street in Kyoto, Japan sound? Monster Street, otherwise known as Yokai (妖怪; monster/ghost) Street, resides in a nondescript area of north west Kyoto city that warrants a ramble along if you’re “templed-out”. It is actually, in the real world, Ichijo Dori. Which probably translates to First Street. Or something. Map…

A Walk Up Funaokayama Park in Kyoto, Japan

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As you scroll around Kyoto on Google Maps you will see dots of green sprinkled around indicating, one would think, a park of some stature and presence. More often than not, you will find a small sand filled playground. Not somewhere you can go and relax. Kyoto does have some decent and real parks hiding…