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On Flying

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It starts with the journey to the airport. You know you’re about to experience humanity at its worst and you won’t be able to escape it. You ride along in grim determination and simmering resignation to what’s about to unfold. The terminal. Lost fingers point in different directions. Children with wide eyes follow along because…

7 Ways to Survive Airports

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I love travel. I hate traveling. Well, maybe dislike is the word. No, actually, it’s hate. Airports and flying are the irritants at the start and the end of the most amazing adventures you┬ácan experience. I’ve talked about the airplane part of that here in a previous post. So I’ve started trying to make my…

7 Ways To Cope With Flying

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Here’s how I barely survive the hell that is flying in the “cheap” seats in airplanes. 1. PLANNING My plan of survival starts with planning my travel months beforehand. Fact: some airlines have better planes, seats, and in-flight entertainment than others. I pay more for a better plane and a better airline and start from…