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Sapporo’s No Good Misspelt Beer Ordeal

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It might reverse-surprise some of you that English is not particularly focused on as a main form of communication in Japan. Speaking as a mono-language western white idiot, I can’t criticize this too much. Alas, I can’t help my primal monkey-brain feeling all high and mighty when I see grammatical errors from Japanese companies who…

Bite Size Review: Sanpoutei Ramen

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A number of years ago if you mentioned ramen to me I would initially muster up visions of lid peeling and add-boiling-water-to-sachet-contents endeavours. Followed, naturally, by the depressing and soul sapping wait for all the processed ramen things and dried up sachet contents to congeal together to form a cheap and instant artificial flavour buzz…

Bite Size Review: Pigs Fly

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Update March 2017!! Pigs Fly have moved to Novena Gardens where Nickeldime used to be. Smaller venue. Will review it soon!! Nickeldime has moved to the strip mall next door. “I want a food court where I can eat from a Japanese menu, Indian menu, Thai menu, a burger menu, a pizza menu, and a…