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Bootleg Beatles: Live in Singapore

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There’s something weird about going to see a cover band and people reacting as if they’re the real deal. It’s like taking your photo with a wax effigy of your favourite movie star. Bit strange. So it was at the Bootleg Beatles who played at the Marina Bay Theatre recently. There were screams of exultation…

Weezer – Live in Singapore

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Want to feel old? Here are a few of Weezer’s greatest hits… “Undone – The Sweater Song” and “Buddy Holly” – released in 1994 “Say It Aint So” – released in 1995 “Hashpipe” and “Island in the Sun” – released in 2001 “Keep Fishin’” – released in 2002 It’s with those aural memories ringing in…

Bon Iver – Live in Singapore!

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One of the most surprising concert announcements in recent living memory (overly dramatic much?) was Bon Iver’s small list of Asian concerts announced for February 2016. With one of those stops being none other than Singapore. Bon Iver had not played since July 2015  in the USA and before that their last concert was in November…